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Meet the Staff

Picture 1 Mrs J Smedley - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs E Wilkins-Campbell - Deputy Head/Y1 Teacher
Picture 3 Mrs M Frost - F1 Teacher
Picture 4 Mrs J Bointon - F1 Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs R Gregory - F2 Teacher
Picture 6 Miss L Brown - Y2 Teacher
Picture 7 Mr M Kitchinson - Y3 Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs C Lund - Y4 Teacher
Picture 9 Mrs A Wightman - Y4 Teacher/SENCO
Picture 10 Mrs C Pyatt - Y5 Teacher
Picture 11 Mr A Downing - Y6 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs J Kelly - Teaching Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs J Slaney - Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Mrs J Davies - Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs M O'Gorman - Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs D Robinson - Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs A Mollatt - Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Mrs K Stevenson - Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs M Lewis - Teaching Assistant
Picture 20 Mrs B Smith - Teaching Assistant
Picture 21 Mrs R Brewer - Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs J Hoskins - Teaching Assistant
Picture 23 Mrs T Mason - Key Worker
Picture 24 Mrs M Hurst - Carer
Picture 25 Mrs B Lynes - School Business Manager
Picture 26 Mrs T Smith - Administration Assistant
Picture 27 Mrs J Smith - Admin Assistant/Senior Midday
Picture 28 Mr M Holmes - Site Manager
Picture 29 Mrs G Longden - Midday Supervisor
Picture 30 Ms W Brooks - Midday Supervisor
Picture 31 Miss D Lewis - Midday Supervisor
Picture 32 Mrs C Coupe - Midday Supervisor
Picture 33 Miss C Jackson - Play Worker

Roles and Responsibilities



Mrs Jane Smedley - RE

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Wilkins-Campbell - Sports Premium (PE Coordinator)/Emotional Health and Well Being/Anti-Bullying

Foundation Stage 1 Teacher 

Mrs M Frost - FS Coordinator/Parent Liaison/Pupil Voice

Mrs J Bointon - Phonics/Library 

Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

Mrs R Gregory - Outdoor Learning/Forest Schools/Science

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs E Wilkins-Campbell - PE/Deputy Headteacher/Writing and SPAG

Year 2 Teacher

Miss L Brown - Key Stage One Leader/Creative Curriculum

Year 3 Teacher

Mr M Kitchinson - PE

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs C Lund - RE Coordinator/Bristish Values/Music Coordinator

Mrs A Wightman - SENCO/PSHE/Anti-Bullying

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs C Pyatt - Numeracy Coordinator/Assessment Coordinator

Year 6 Teacher

Mr A Downing - KS2 Leader/ICT Coordinator/E-Safety Coordinator/Music Coordinator

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Lewis

Mrs D Robinson

Mrs R Brewer

Mrs M O'Gorman

Mrs J Slaney

Mrs J Kelly

Mrs K Stevenson

Mrs A Mollatt

Mrs J Davies

Mrs B Smith

Mrs J Hoskins

Key Worker

Mrs T Mason

Mrs M Hurst

School Business Manager

Mrs B Lynes

Office Administration

Mrs J Smith

Mrs T Smith

Site Manager

Mr M Holmes

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Smith

Midday Supervisors

Mrs C Coupe

Mrs G Longden

Miss W Brooks

Mrs D Lewis

Play Worker

Miss C Jackson


Mrs L Miller

Kitchen Staff

Mrs N Crutchley

Mrs J Severn