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Response to OFSTED - May 2013

Our school enjoyed a successful OFSTED inspection in May 2013, being rated as good with several outstanding features.

We are determined to reach the highest of standards and have focused upon the following areas identified in our OFSTED report.


Area for improvement 2: Pupils not using their initiative to decide how they are going to do their work:


  • Whole School Curriculum Professional Development- lead by Subject Coordinators and Key Stage Coordinators.
  • Pupils given every opportunity to choose how to present their work across the subjects.
  • Basic skills embedded throughout the curriculum- pupils develop greater independence and ownership of learning by becoming a member of a council or extra curricular group.


Area for improvement 3: Subject and other leaders do not do enough checking of the quality of teaching, pupils books or progress made by pupils.


  • Leadership roles have been redistributed in line with Performance Management.
  • The accountability and responsibility of these roles have increased with link governors monitoring and evaluating every aspect of school life.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation schedule ensures that books are timetabled to be scrutinised with actions put in place for further development.
  • Each area is monitored by a termly visit by a link governor.


Each of the above actions have been built into the 2016-2016 School Excellence Plan and the 2015-2016 Performance Management Schedule.


Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports, and relevant information from the Department for Education Performance Tables.