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 Staying Safe Online.

" Think Before You Click "


Please do speak to us if you have any concerns about anything your child is doing or experiencing on the internet.

We know how important staying safe is at St Patrick's and we know you’re always keen to promote ways to stay safe at home, too. Our children are computer wizards and we need to keep up with them! Safe and responsible use of the internet is something which is ever growing in importance and is an issue we are keen to continue to raise awareness of and will continue to act upon. E-safety is a key part of our curriculum for both Computing and our daily lives.


As teachers and parents, we’re aware of the ways in which the use of social media, online gaming and the internet have become part of young people’s lives. We must embrace the educational and social benefits of these new technologies and encourage responsible internet use. We’re also increasingly aware of the potential dangers and opportunities for misuse these technologies can offer. The key to promoting online safety is open and honest discussions about the sites we’re using and the ways we’re using them – keep the dialogue open with your children about their internet use.

Additional support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online includes:



Speak, Stop, Support is a great tool to help your child make smart choices online. You can use it as a talking point to better understand how they interact in their digital world.


E-Safety Tips for Parents: 11-13


E-Safety Tips for Parents: 6-10


E-Safety Tips for Parents: Under 5