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School Mass led by Year 6 - November 2018

Our Y6 pupils shone their lights brightly in preparing our school-parish mass this week. Thank you to each and every one of them for leading this most sacred celebration in such a spiritual manner. After Mass, we spent time developing pupils’ theological literacy’ by exploring the names and meaning of vessels used during the mass.


School Mass led by Year 5 - October 2018

When we did our Year 5 Mass it was fun because we got to read our own Bidding Prayers and the readers got to choose the bit they wanted to read about God's word.  During Mass it was peaceful  and calm, everyone answered questions.


When we took the host all of Year 5 sang a hymn so everyone was peaceful and calm. We all loved doing our own mass because we got to choose our own parts and set up the hall.

Year 4 really enjoyed leading Mass today with Father Paul. The whole class was involved, even if you only had a little part. I liked it when we did the readings and helped to set up the Alter.  Everybody in the hall was quite and respectful during Holy Communion. At the end we all sang.

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