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Practise your SPAG Skills with tasks set for you by your teacher at:

A fantastic image search engine designed for children's use. Search safe!

BUG CLUB - Read a variety of text types and enhance your comprehension skills by answering the Bug questions on some of the pages of the text. Earn bug points to unlock games and prizes.

Your teacher will allocate appropriate books for you to read. Make sure you keep up with the allocations and let your teacher know if you need more! Happy Reading smiley no


Purple Mash allows you to be very creative. You can paint, create games as a game designer, design houses, cars, masks and more in both 2D and 3D. You can also become a coder! 2 code allows you to learn how to code through simple to more challenging coding tasks!

Learn how to touch type with 2 type, practise your French, music and research your topic project with endless presentations and writing templates too!

Explore Serial Mash books - books for KS1 and 2. Read a chapter a week which will leave you in suspense for the following chapter and complete the quiz about each chapter you read.