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Advent Mission - 2019


Our Advent Journey

Reverse Advent Calendar

In September the  School Council discussed and decided to  select The Bridge St Methodist Soup kitchen as

their chosen charity this Advent.

The Bridge St Methodist Church are very involved in helping rough sleepers have a hot meal/drink at night and also in organizing a food bank.  The School Council selected this charity as they thought it was something all our community could help and support in a practical way.

Here is how they did it!

They drew up a Reverse Advent Calendar which they then sent out by parentmail to all families.  The Reverse Advent Calendar is a guide to the food stuffs and warm clothes that are needed to run a soup kitchen and foodbank.

Over 3 and half weeks we collected so many bags of vital food items that will be used directly by the Methodist Church Soup kitchen.

We thank them for their support and we also thank all our community who donated so much.

Well done School Council - your posters, parentmail and visits to each class every day motivated us!  A great big thank you for organizing and bagging up the food in preparation for Christmas.

Delivery!  Here are all the donations safely delivered to Bridge St Methodist Church. Now the donations will be sorted out.  Some food will be used for the soup kitchen and other food stuffs will be distributed by the food bank.