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A letter from the School Council about our Christmas appeal

Thank you to Lauren and Sophie for their very detailed and generous letter.

Thank you to all our parents who have contributed to our Christmas Charity

We have collected 24 bags of basic food items and toiletries.

Thank you!! 

Posters to promote our community charity collection

Thank you to members of the School Council who have been

very busy designing and making posters.

They are fantastic!

Letter to parents


Our Christmas Appeal 2018


This year we are collecting food items and basic toiletries to help members of our local community who need

our support - especially at Christmas.

The school Council have put out a school letter and composed fantastic posters to promote

our collections from our school community.

Maun Valley Citizens

Jo Cox Great Big Get Together

22nd June 2018

Kirkby Plaza



A big well done to our choir and school council for their fantastic

hard work and enthusiasm on this day.


The choir sang their hearts out - giving brilliant renditions of songs from The Greatest Showman

A special thank you to Mr Downing, Mrs O Gorman, Mrs Mollatt and Miss Burton for all their hard work

preparing the choir for this outing.


The school council had worked in several sessions with Mr Bradley Myers on the sad subject of loneliness.

They prepared a questionnaire to ask members of the public on their experiences on loneliness.

They also gave out gift bags of best wishes - a cake and a card.

A big thank you to Yr 6 for their beautifully decorated gift bags and cards and for all donations of cakes.

The photos show the choir singing and the school council conducting their questionnaires. 

It was a day of friendship, giving and beautiful singing.

Thank you St Patrick's!





Thank you to the St Patrick's School and Parish Community

We collected 126 shoeboxes!

Thank you to everyone who contributed

A fantastic collective effort for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Well Done Everyone!

A photo of The volunteers collecting 126 Shoeboxes for the homeless!

A  photo of The volunteers collecting 126 Shoeboxes for the homeless! 1
A  photo of The volunteers collecting 126 Shoeboxes for the homeless! 2

Our School Council with shoe boxes for the homeless

Our School Council with shoe boxes for the homeless 1

Thank you to the members of our School Council who have organised our Christmas collection of Shoeboxes.

So far we have collected 84.  A big well done. The closing date is 4th December. So still time for more to

come in.

Earlier in the Term, at Harvest Festival celebration the pupils of the school brought in lots of tin and fresh fruit and vegetables. This food was collected and put into hampers by the school Council. They assisted Mrs Smedley in auctioning off the hampers. The money collected was donated to two charities chosen by the School Council - CAFOD and Macmillan Cancer.

The School Council have devised a letter to parents documenting the issues concerning road safety around the school.  They have done a brilliant job evaluating the questionnaires and observing road safety themselves at the beginning of the day.  Thank you parents for reading this and to the School Council for their hard work.  Now it is up to you parents to take the issues on board.  Thank you.

Maun Valley Citizens Meeting

8th February – St Patrick’s School


Members present

St Patrick’s School – School Council

St Philip’s School

St Mary’s – Sutton in Ashfield

Hillock’s Primary – Sutton in Ashfield

Paul Frost representing Mansfield churches


10.00 - 11.00 a.m.



Each school presented their findings from observation of the roads and parking at the beginning and end of the day.

The members present split up and discussed how these findings could be reported back to parents.


Reporting back to back in March and April 2017

  • School Council to write a report to parents informing them of the problems arising from car parking and what they can do to improve the safety and security of the children.

Via - newsletter

  • Class dojo
  • Website
  • Posters
  • Assembly



The school Council will gather after half term with a list of actions that will be shared with the school community.

Enclosed are the findings from the observations and questionnaires (43 returned). Thank you to Sophie L, Charlie H, Imogen B and Hannah S for representing the school so brilliantly. The following sheets are the notes that the 4 members presented to the Maun Valley Citizens group.



Autumn term 2016

School Council – A timeline on how pupil voice has changed/developed a key area in our school – Dinner times and organisation.

September 2016

House meetings – from all 4 house meetings there were a variety of areas that came up that pupils had concerns about –

28th September 2016

School council members brought the minutes to a Council meeting held by Mrs Pyatt and Mrs Frost in Year 5 classroom. After some discussion it was decided that the main area that pupils felt there was some area for improvement was Dinner time.

The main issues were –

  • Year 5 and 6 were always last in the dining hall.
  • By the end of the sitting there was less choice and no baked potatoes left.
  • No time to sit with your friends in the dining room
  • Too many classes lining up at any one time – congestion.

The school council members were asked to go back to their peers and ask how the above issues could be improved or changed to make dinner times more of a happy experience.

Oct 5th School council devise questions to ask the people who organise, run and serve out dinners. Also feedback to house meetings about what they were asking and doing. Keep the rest of the school updated.

12th October 2016 – School Council meet up with Mrs Frost with suggestions for areas of change. From this meeting came:

Changes to Lunch Time

  • Staggered lunch break for pupils from F2-Y6
  • Rota revised to change the times when different classes came into the dining room. This has given pupils more time to sit with their friends in the dining room. Y5 and Y6 pupils have really enjoyed the extra time to relax and socialise with their friends after working hard in class.
  • Use of the new canopy and equipment – pupils have a timetable at lunch to enjoy using this equipment.
  • No time wasted in lining up for dinner as the classes flow into the dining room – this has alleviated congestion and has improved behaviour.
  • Always a choice of dinner and jacket potatoes available.
  • Extra members of staff employed, including play leader and sports coaches, which has given pupils a greater amount of opportunities.


Meet up with relevant stakeholders to discuss changes and also to see if from their point of view. This meeting will happen after half term.

- Mrs Miller School Cook

Mrs Smith Senior Dinner Supervisor

Mrs Smedley Head teacher

3rd November 2017

Meeting with Mrs Smedley, Mrs Miller and Mrs Smith about making changes at dinner time.

The following suggestions were put forward by the School Council to ………..

The School Cook, Mrs Miller – ‘could we have more jacket potatoes – these are very popular but are always gone by the time Years 5 and 6 arrive.’ Mrs Miller also explained to the children how she has to stick to Council menus and she did not have much flexibility in what she cooked.

Mrs Miller responded by saying that she would bake more potatoes and try to have these readily available.

These have been a great success!


To Mrs Smith ‘could we line up only when it is time to go into dinner?’ Mrs Smith explained that with 2 dinner ladies always tied up with F2 and their playground, it was very difficult to monitor and co-ordinate the different classes coming into the dining hall – different classes take different times to eat and so there is always a class lining up at the side of the dining hall ready to go in. However in discussion with Mrs Smedley she was going to look at the times the different classes came into the dining hall. She also explained it would be easier after Christmas when F2 were on the main playground - thus putting 2 more members of staff centrally.


To Mrs Smedley ‘could we have more time being with our friends at dinner time in the dining hall?’ Mrs Smedley has discussed with the Senior Leadership Team and looked at timetabling. The different classes are a ‘shift’ dinner time now – going from F2 starting their dinner time at 11.30 to year 6 starting their dinner time at 12.00. The staggered dinner time ensures the different classes have longer quality time actually eating their dinner in the dining hall.


Meeting with Mrs Frost – November 12th


Points that came out of all the above meetings.


  1. School council said it was interesting to hear from others points of view and how difficult it is! Making decisions is not easy and you have to listen to the other side!

All the members said after discussion with Mrs Miller, Mrs Smedley and Mrs Smith that they understood ‘now what a hard job they do!’

  1. They like the dinner time more than before but they need to review about 6 months on.
  2. Feed back to peers in house meetings.


Spring term 2017

School Council – A timeline on how pupil voice will change/develop a key area in our school –Safety around our school – car parking and road safety at the beginning and end of the day.

This is being surveyed and organized as part of the Maun

Valley citizens.




Maun Valley citizens


At the beginning of November, the school council, Mrs Frost, Mrs Wilkins- Campbell and Mrs Pyatt met up with the Co-coordinator of Maun Valley citizens - Mr Hugh Murdoch to discuss how our school could become more involved outside the school community and make changes to make our school safer.

As a school community we decided to join up as part of Maun Valley Citizens. We will attend meetings with other schools on specific issues and in Citizens general meetings feedback to other organisations. Likewise listen to their reports and suggestions.


Important dates for Spring Term


10th January 2017


Mrs Frost met up with the leaders of other members of Maun Valley citizens at Hillcote school, Sutton in Ashfield to discuss a time-line for an assessment/evaluation of how safe our parking and roads are around our school. It was agreed that all member schools would address the following.


Actions –

4 weeks for the school council to


  • Do a survey of parking around Lingforest Rd at the beginning of the day. Look at how safe it is and if there are any issues surrounding the safety of children coming to school.
  • Make an evaluation of findings.
  • Devise a questionnaire to parents asking key questions regarding driving, parking and pavements around school. How can it be improved?
  • Write a report from surveys and findings from questionnaires.


Meeting to be held on


  1. 8th February 2017 - 10.00 a.m. in our school. (Yellow Room) Representatives from all schools/groups that are looking into car safety at the beginning of the day, will convene at St Patricks School to report back on findings. All establishments are asked to bring 4 members to feedback.