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A vocation is our calling from God. Fr Paul felt God's calling to be a priest. 

In their recent topic Y6 studied 'Vocation and Commitment' and explored the sacrament of Ordination. 


What do you think your calling from God is? 


How will you be committed to that role?



Our pupils live out their vocations in ways which include:


· Prayer Monitors

· Y5 Retreat

· Collective Worship leaders

· Classroom monitors

· Y6 House captains, Vice captains, clerk, Sport captains

· Anti-Bullying ambassadors

· Health and Safety Junior Committee

· Digital Leaders

· Play Leaders

· Buddies for younger pupils during Collective Worship and throughout the school day


We are very proud of the roles and responsibilities that our pupils lead the school, We are one family- our children look after each other just like Jesus looks after each member of His family.



Faith In Action Award-


This Advent, our Y6 pupils are living out their vocations through working towards the ‘Faith in Action’ award.

CAFOD Live Simply Award-


As part of their ministry, our Y3 Chaplaincy team are leading this project which has the principles of living more simply, more sustainable and more in solidarity with poor communities.


So far this year, We have held a Harvest Mini-market and Winter Wonderland Market to raise funds to support those in need in our global family.

Homeless Christmas Shoebox Appeal Update

We are still collecting donations such as gloves, socks, toiletries, biscuits, chocolates, drink sachets, pot noodles, etc. for our shoebox appeal for the homeless. This appeal is also continuing with the St Patrick’s Liturgy group. Thank you for your generosity and for making a difference to the lives of others around us.

Thank you to Mrs Wilkins-Campbell for supporting and raising funds, along with her daughter, in being in involved in 'The Big Sleepout' in Nottingham on November 24th 2018. £300 was raised towards 'Framework.'


PTA Children’s Winter Wonderland Market

Our annual Children’s Christmas market took place today and featured a wonderful fesitve arrangement of produce made by our pupils. Each class will choose a gift from the CAFOD catalogue to spread the joy of Christmas to all in God’s global family.

School 'Buddies' in Action


St. Patrick's School 'Buddies' help, support and guide the younger members of St. Patrick's School Community.

'Minnie Vinnies'


'Minnie Vinnies' support school and community projects. They are currently leading 'well being warriors' at lunchtimes, supporting groups of children in developing their relationship with God through prayer.

House Teams


At St. Patrick's  Primary School we believe all children should be given a sense of belonging within our school community through encouragement to be positive role models and part of a supportive team.


The House system creates friendly competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.


Every child who attends our school is assigned to one of four ‘houses’. Each house is made up of pupils of different ages from Year 1 through to the Year 6.


There are four houses at St. Patrick's, which are each led by children elected from Year 6.



School Council

Our school council has worked very hard as part of the Maun Valley Citizenship Group. This dedicated group of local schools, churches and other organisations came together to campaign for safer roads around school and to support the local community ‘Loneliness’ campaign.