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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Life in Year 4


Mrs. Lund and Mrs. Pyatt

Supported by Mrs. Kelly and Mrs. Davies


RE and Chaplaincy Team Roles

Last year, we all became a fantastic Chaplaincy Team; proven by the children’s actions and consolidated by their hand-over letters to the soon-to-be Chaplaincy Team in Year Three. Just because you don’t wear your badges any more, doesn’t mean you’ve lost that role; it just means you are the team ‘emeritus’. You will always be part of God’s team but now your more pressing task is to be leaders and role-models to Year Three and to all in school, so everyone can follow in your footsteps in their faith journey. So, keep on shining!



We are hoping to fly the Year Four flag proudly and consistently in the Outstanding Attendance bracket, so please ensure your child is in school every day and on time. This will enable them to make their best progress in every aspect of school life and will set them up well for the journey into Upper Key Stage Two, where the standards and expectations are even higher. Let’s be top of the shop in the weekly attendance result Team Year Four! We can do it! 


Reading Books

Children need to bring their reading books into school everyday and will have the opportunity to change them as they need to, if they are free readers. Children who read from the scheme will once again have their books changed by a parent volunteer.  


Every child should try to read most nights, for about ten minutes and we ask parents/carers to make sure the diary is signed. Please try to talk to your child and ask questions about their text, as this all helps when we do comprehension activities. The focus for Guided Reading will be taught in class and various activities and follow-up tasks will be sent in the homework. Various reading challenges will run over the course of the school year, with rewards and prizes awaiting every eager, regular reader with a signed diary…so get reading everybody! 



Literacy (including SPAG – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and Numeracy (including times tables) homework will be sent home on a Friday, including many links to Topic and RE themes. This will be based on the work which we have been doing in class. Homework books need to be returned by the following Wednesday. If homework is not completed and handed in by Wednesday, the children will be given a warning to return it Thursday. If it is still not done it will be completed during Thursday break or lunch time with a supervising adult. The children will be tested on times tables and spellings weekly. In Year Four, we are now at a stage where the basics are absolutely essential, since we are well on the way to Upper Key Stage Two, so errors with capital letters, full stops and simple numeracy skills will not be

accepted. Unless your child has a specific learning need, they need our partnership in ensuring that these areas are consistent 100% of the time, and we know they are all capable of achieving this, so let’s go for it!


Assessment and Targets

Your child will be assessed regularly, throughout the year, using New Curriculum guidelines and a range of formative and summative assessment methods. These will be used to inform future planning and targets which will be shared with the children and parents/carers at various points throughout the year. Children will be able to access their targets, which be available in their trays, books or group baskets, as necessary. Children will also be given the chance to self-assess and peer-assess their learning. Your continued support in practising these will ensure that your child succeeds in their daily tasks and rises to new challenges, both confidently and consistently. We are always here to help, so do call on us with any queries.



The cross curricular approach is continuing, with subjects like Science, Humanities, ICT, Art and D.T. being taught as ‘Topic’; in line with the New Curriculum. This will be taught on a two-year cycle, where years three and four will once again work on the same/similar topics. Some shared or team teaching may take place to ensure a rich and varied learning experience across the year groups. The current year three/four topics are: WWII, Lights…Camera…Action!, Region in UK (local area), Ancient Egypt and Living Things.



PE will be on Friday afternoons, with additional timeslots on a moveable basis. These days are subject to change at points throughout the year, so please ensure your child has a fully labelled school PE kit in school from Monday to Friday. If children do not have their PE kit in school a reminder will be sent to parents in the reading diary. No jewellery is to be worn for PE (including earrings) and hair must be tied back. If your child is unable to do PE or has a special requirement, please send a note into school, or write in the diary.


Water, Milk and Snacks

Milk will be available, to those who have paid, each morning. Every child must have a named water bottle in school each day. A fruit snack may be brought in each day for break time, or the tuck shop is still available for toast, so a labelled purse with money can be brought in. The children will continue to be responsible for their own purses, so please ensure they know where their money is to be stored each day.


Dinner Money and Educational Visits – Please ensure that you are all registered with the Squid online payment system, as we are now operating a cashless system so all lunches and trips are to be paid in this way. Thank you to all who are using this facility so well already!



If you would like to come into school to hear readers or have a skill which relates to our class topic then please let us know. We will be delighted to welcome you into our class!

Alternatively, if you can’t come to help on a regular basis, but have an odd hour or so to spare, we are always grateful of help with displays, photocopying, topic work, etc. Many thanks in advance to those who have already offered their services! Please also ensure you have seen the office team to ensure a DBS check has gone through, so you are allowed to work in school in line with school policy. Thank you. 


Behaviour and Rewards

The children are continuing to follow the school’s Behaviour Policy. Good behaviour will be rewarded by earning Class Dojos, which count towards their House Teams. Other rewards and incentives will also be given throughout the year, in relation to attendance, topics and themes. Well done to all who are now registered to receive Dojo updates and messages – this is a great way to stay up to date with your child’s behaviour and daily rewards, as well as a means of communicating with us, and vice versa, as necessary.


If a child misbehaves they will be given a warning, if this continues they will move down the behaviour chart to amber and if their behaviour continues to decline, they will move to red and receive a negative Dojo. It is vital that every child is allowed to achieve their full potential at school, as well as feeling safe and happy. Children need to be aware of their actions and must support their friends and peers, so we encourage them to always make the right choice. Now that they are settled into Key Stage Two, it is essential that we ensure consistency in a mature approach to listening, learning and following instructions. This helps at home and in school, so we can all work in partnership on your child’s journey. Your child’s happiness is important at all times, so please arrange to see us after school if there are any concerns. Again, a note in the diary or a message via Class Dojo can help us to organise this.



We are looking forward to a great year, working in partnership and friendship with you and your children.

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