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Feedback from Pupil and Family voice: October 2018


Please see these results and actions of our October questionnaires to seek your views on the quality of Catholic life at St Patrick’s.

The overwhelming majority of pupils in EVERY class strongly agreed/agreed on every statement on the attached pupil questionnaires. This reflects the pupils’ overall very positive attitudes towards Religious Education at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School.

What I like about the Catholic Life St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School:

•Y2 pupils spoke highly of the fact that we always talk to God and are close to him, that God teaches us to be more helpful and happier.

•Y5 pupils spoke about the inspirational people they study

•Everyone gets to learn and get closer to God by focusing upon God- Y5

•We can pray together or on our own-Y5

•We have no limit on what we can learn in RE- Y5

•My favourite lesson is RE because you learn all the different stories about Jesus and how people gave up their lives for Jesus

•I like how we learn about different religions because it helps us to understand about beliefs. I like it when we research saints because it teaches you that you don’t need a perfect background to be admired.

•I know my next steps by looking at the Driver word footsteps and any feedback from my teachers

•That all pupils show a deep respect for themselves and others, as we are all made in the likeness and image of God

•Y2- that the pupils love to sing and like exploring different ways to pray and that we get a mission at the end

• Y5 pupils enjoy Time out to Worship with Mr Grabowski

• Y5 pupils listed coming together as God’s family

•We all get to offer our own intentions

• Y2- We all share and are kind to each other. God is with us all the time.

• Y5- That we all believe in God and He holds us in His arms. He put us on earth to look after His creations

•It makes us all special in God’s eyes-Y5

•That we can always love, no matter what

•People can come into our school- we can be different

•That we are all welcome because God made us all different so everyone is accepted

•That we have a wonderful school and we are all good friends- Y3

Suggestions for Next Steps:

•Weekly Pupil nominations for living out the statement of belief- class based

•Even more singing!

•F2: More songs with actions!

•Send out invitations to parishioners to further increase numbers attending school mass

•After break times, take it in turns for classes to stay and pray in the prayer area

• During the day, have different times where we can take our time to pray, each day have 5 minutes quiet prayer time

•Put up prayers in the outside spiritual prayer garden so people can pray to God and get ideas

•In the middle of each lesson, stop and pray to God to say thank you.

•Explore the children’s suggestions about Mass and the Prayer room.

•Developing the Spiritual Prayer Garden

•Further opportunities for use of ICT with RE

We will be putting our children’s suggestions into action during Advent


Analysis of Parental Questionnaire


Based upon a sample of 45 families throughout school during October Parents Evening:

The questionnaires were 100% as strongly agree/agree on all statements of the questionnaire. This shows families satisfaction in the overall quality of Religious Education at St Patrick’s School.

The only statement that had a small minority of families either entering ‘don’t know’ was ‘The school keeps me informed what my child is studying in RE and their progress.’


As always, your views and opinions are so valuable to us. Please do let us know if you have suggestions for developing the Catholic life of the school.