Our Parish

We are very proud of the links we have with the school and parish communities and strive to always consider ways in which we can develop this further. 

‘Let the little children come to me’ 

Our school has a special relationship with its serving parishes St Patrick’s and St George’s. Every Sunday at 11am Mass at St Patrick’s Church, children’s liturgy is held which is lead by our staff Mrs Smedley and Mrs Newton Hewlett and parishioners.

This is a thriving group and provides the link between school, home and Church, Each week, this group illustrates their interpretation of the Gospel to the congregation. For several years, this group has linked with our school’s projects to support the parish and wider community.  This group also benefits from having Young leaders from Y5/6 and from our feeder school- All Saints leading the group in their vocations.

We bridge the links between school and parish by uniting in charitable projects through the St Patrick’s Church Liturgy group. This is organised by staff from our school and parishioners to ensure a shared vision.

Over the years, home-school-church have come together in so many ways- Harvest, Advent, Lenten projects- to raise funds and develop pupils’ empathy and understanding of supporting those in need. Pupils enjoy taking the lead in organising fundraising events- coffee mornings, Christmas Eve Children’s Mass and skipathon to name but a few of the past events. 

Both First Holy Communion and Confirmation take place within the parish with catechists from both school and parish coming together to provide our pupils and pupils from other schools and parishes with these sacramental programmes. 

Find out more on the parish website.