Our Staff

Mrs J Smedley – Headteacher

Mrs C Pyatt – Deputy Headteacher

Mrs N Lowe- Nursery Teacher and EYFS lead

Mrs N Newton-Hewlett – F2 Teacher

Mrs C Lund – Y1 Teacher

Miss C Hufton – Y2 Teacher

Miss K Whelan – Y3 Teacher

Mrs L Wilson – Y4 Teacher

Mr M Kitchinson – Y5 Teacher

Miss K Godfrey – Y6 Teacher

Mrs C Brizzolara – Family Support

Mrs D Robinson – Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Stevenson – Teaching Assistant and ELSA

Mrs A Mollatt – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Slaney – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Hoskins – Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Mason – Teaching Assistant

Mr Joanne Kelly – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Bointon – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Hoyland – Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Smith – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Elliott – PPA Teacher

Mrs M Choudhury – One to One Carer

Miss H Francis – Apprentice Sports TA

Miss L Caudwell – Apprentice TA

Mrs J Smith – School Support//Senior Midday

Mrs M Hurst – Midday Supervisor

Miss R Smith- Midday Supervisor

Miss F Longden – Midday Supervisor

Mrs N Price – Midday Supervisor

Mrs E Stawicka- School Support

Mr M Holmes – Site Manager

Mrs H Fox – Site Assistant

Roles and Responsibilities


Mrs Jane Smedley – DSL, RE and Geography

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Clare Pyatt- DSL, Maths

Foundation Stage 1 Teacher 

Mrs N Lowe

Foundation Stage 2 Teacher

Mrs N Newton-Hewlett- Art, DT and History

Year 1 Teacher

Mrs C Lund – RE Coordinator/RSHE

Year 2 Teacher

Miss C Hufton

Year 3 Teacher

Miss K Whelan – PE

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs L Wilson – English and Science

Year 5 Teacher

Mr M Kitchinson – ICT and Geography

Year 6 Teacher

Miss K Godfrey

Support Staff

Mrs C Brizzolara – Family Support

Mrs M Choudhury – one to one carer

Mrs L Elliott – PPA teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs D Robinson

Mrs J Slaney

Mrs J Kelly

Mrs K Stevenson

Mrs A Mollatt

Mrs B Smith

Mrs J Hoskins

Mrs T Mason

Miss A Hoyland

Office Administration

Mrs J Smith

Mrs E Stawicka

Site Manager

Mr M Holmes

Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs J Smith

Midday Supervisors

Mrs M Hurst

Mrs R Smith

Mrs N Price

Mrs F Longden


Mrs L Miller

Kitchen Staff

Mrs E Smith

Mrs N Crutchley