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St Patrick's Catholic Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.  All staff have undergone basic safeguarding training and the following staff members hold specific roles and responsibilities for child protection in school.


Designated Person for Child Protection:  Mrs Jane Smedley

Deputy Designated Persons for Child Protection:  Mrs Elspeth Wilkins-Campbell, Mrs Michelle Frost, Mrs Alexa Wightman, Mrs Clare Pyatt

Governor Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Maria Keay

Looked After Child Lead: Mrs Alexa Wightman

Managing Allegations: Mrs Jane Smedley

Managing Allegations against the Headteacher: Mrs Maria Keay

Anti-bullying Governor: Mrs Maria Keay

Anti-bullying Lead: Mrs Elspeth Wilkins-Campbell

Named First Aiders: Mrs Michele Lewis, Mrs Julie Smith

Paediatric Named First Aiders: Mrs Jane Bointon, Mrs Michelle Frost,Ms Lucy Burton, Mrs Julie Smith, Mrs J Hoskins, Mrs Tracy Mason, Mrs Belinda Smith

Health and Safety Lead: Mrs Jane Smedley

Health and Safety Representatives: Mr Mark Holmes, Mrs Julie Smith, Mr Matthew Kitchinson


Safeguarding your child in sports


It’s important that you check that any sports club or activity that your child attends has your child’s safety as its priority. Even if the club seems professional, there are four key questions that you should ask to make sure that they have all the necessary safeguarding measures in place:

1. Can I see your safeguarding policy?
A good organisation or club should have up-to-date safeguarding procedures in place and be happy to show you copies.

2. Who is your Welfare Officer?
The club should have a designated Welfare Officer who is responsible for dealing with any safeguarding concerns that may arise.

3. Do you follow safer recruitment procedures?
Every organisation providing sporting activities to young people must ensure they have the correct recruitment processes in place which includes interviews, references and have undertaken the appropriate police checks for their volunteers and staff.

4. How do you promote the welfare of children and young people?
The club should be able to demonstrate how they actively promote safeguarding. This includes listening
and responding to the views of children and young people.


A good and professional organisation will already have procedures in place and will welcome the chance to demonstrate that they are providing a safe environment for your child. Any further questions speak to Mrs Wilkins-Campbell (Designated Safeguarding person within the schoolDon’t be afraid to question.