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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


                            Mrs Wilkins-Campbell (Deputy Head) and Mrs Robinson (T.A)


Class Routines

The children are encouraged  to be more independent in Year One. This includes remembering their reading diary and books and placing them in the correct group’s basket, putting their drinks bottle away, looking after their tuck shop money and putting their homework in the box by Wednesday. Children are reminded every morning to do these things.




If there are any specific notices to send out to parents I will Dojo parents. If we need to send a message to all the parents this will be displayed in the classroom window or sent as a school coms text message.




It is essential all children are in school every day unless they are too ill to attend e.g. sickness. The pace is very fast and if chunks are missed it makes it very difficult to keep up.




Reading daily

1 piece of Numeracy

1 piece of Literacy

1 piece of Phonics/Key words


This will be given out on a Friday and should be handed in by Wednesday. Homework is a vital way to support your child’s learning.



Guided Reading

The children will be listened to read by a teacher every week. The children will get an objective in the reading diary to focus on when reading their books.




P.E. will usually be on a Wednesday. Please ensure kits (white T-shirt and black/navy shorts with names in) are in school all week in case of any changes.



Tuck Shop and Snacks

All children can have a piece of fruit at final playtime.  We are encouraging healthy eating in school and children can only bring a piece of fruit from home to eat during morning break. Alternatively they can buy a slice of toast from the tuck shop for 20p. Milk (for those whose parents have ordered it) is given out in the morning. Please send a named water bottle containing fresh water every day for your child. This needs to be different to the drink sent for lunchtime.



Phonics Screening Check

The statutory Phonics Screening Check for all Year One children to test phonic decoding ability will take place in June. It is a reading test of real and alien words. The test is a pass/fail test and last year the children had to score at least 34 out of 40 to pass. Children who do not pass will take the test the following summer when they are in Year Two. It is essential phonics is worked on each week in order to be ready for this test.





Homework : Week beginning 21st March 2016-Easter Holiday Homework

Homework - 14th March 2016